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Before traveling and coming to live in The Ariege, France I worked as an architect, theatre stage designer (Gate Theatre Dublin, Royal Ballet, National Theatre Ireland) and museum exhibition designer.

Inspired by the abundance of wood here I began woodturning in 2010. I like the limitation of working on lathe and the simple beauty and rough elegance that can be revealed. One of my first loves was pottery and in woodturning I have re-discovered my love for the quiet presence of simple bowls and vessels. 

Food safe bowls, platters etc. are treated with walnut oil. Other objects are treated with linseed or tung oil thinned with turpentine or finishing oils. Wooden objects should be sponge wiped (not washed) clean but never exposed to water for any length of time. From time to time a wipe with oil will rejuvenate and preserve your wooden artefact.

Thank you if you have acquired a bowl from me, I hope it will bring you the pleasure it brought me in the making. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to buy or commission

a piece, or for any questions about a piece you have already purchased.

See also http://ianmcnicholl.blogspot.com/
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